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Get to know your skates

May 22, 2016

      Inline wheels are one of the most important pieces of gear that you'll purchase as a roller hockey player. Your performance is directly affected by the type and overall quality of wheels you choose for your inline skates. It isn't simply a matter of going out and purchasing the most expensive wheels and hoping for the best. Each wheel is designed specifically for a certain playing surface, whether that's inside on sport court tiles or hard wood floors, or outside on smooth concrete or asphalt. And then once you have a wheel that's appropriate for the surface you're playing on, you have to make sure that the wheel durometer you choose is a good fit for your... Continue Reading →

Rink Rat Hockey

May 22, 2016

  The Rat Is Back! Rink Rat Hockey Wheels feature a variety of different wheels that can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The Identity series uses Rink Rat's Mtech© technology and a pro level urethane for a mix of speed, grip and durability. The World Cup is back and even better than ever. This all purpose wheel gives you the same great performance as those in the Identity lineup but can be used on other surfaces for more versatility. The Envy, Pivot and Eclipse all use different high quality urethanes ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Continue Reading →


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